Restore Orthotics and Prosthetics provides expert, specialty care in upper and lower extremity orthotics, as well as care for core body/back needs.


Restore is a leading provider for pediatric orthotic and prosthetic services and also provides Plagiocephalic helmets and treatment for Scoliosis.




Custom prosthetics for upper and lower limb loss, as well as specially-designed sockets are among the specialties of Restore.



Restore is committed to using the latest advances in technology to ensure our patients have expert care. Advances include:
  • Microprocessor Technology ( Knees & Feet )
  • Vacuum Suspension Technology
  • Advanced Myoelectric Control Componentry

cranial helmets

Restore specializes in cranial orthotics, designed to improve plagiocephaly, which is a condition found in infants whose heads show an asymmetrical flattening caused by uneven external pressures on the skull.