Restore Orthotics and Prosthetics operates under the parent company of Restore Medical, Inc. Restore Medical has a 20 plus year history of bringing together practitioners, manufacturers, institutions and more.


Restore operates under five key guiding principals: Referrals, Quality, Networking, Advanced Technology, and Warm Calling. Read more:


  • Referrals: Restore Medical values the quality and trusted relationships it has developed over the past 20 years – referral business is a major key to success

  • Quality of Service: Restore Medical offers customer service that tends to feel like an extension of the physician’s practice – it is extremely important to our representatives to educate, meet commitments, and insure quality of care and accurate technical solutions to meet the needs of all of our patients.

  •  Networking/Synergy: Restore Medical develops and maintains enduring relationships with insurance providers, medical professionals, hospital and medical practice administrators, manufacturers, and patients of the healthcare industry.

  • Advanced Technology: Restore Medical maintains connection to advances in the products and services in durable medical equipment, orthotics, and prosthetics through relationships with a vast network of manufacturers.

  • Warm-calling Strategy: Restore Medical retains a team of technical sales staff with exemplary product and process knowledge to understand and articulate the application of our products and services to our extensive network to help enhance medical operations and meet special patient needs.



Mark O'Sullivan, CP

Angela Brown

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Brandi Dunphy

Joenelle Meier

Curtis Fitzgerald, BOC and CBCPO

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